BizVantage Setup: Overview & Guidance

To setup BizVantage, you simple to add some Topics of interest to you.
Topics are defined by a set of keywords you provide, which should be carefully chosen.
"Required" keywords allow only Items that contain all of the keywords, and don't contain words starting with a "-"; alternative keywords can be enclosed in parentheis.
"Desired" keywords just affect the order in which items are shown to you.

Recommended techniques:

  • Use several, specialized Topics to get more focused results. In general, more Topics provide better focus for the searches and for your review.
  • Use Required keywords to filter drastically to just those Items you really want, and Desired keywords to set the broader focus.
  • You should put the keywords in order of importance, most important first; any less common/important synonyms for keywords should be put later in the list.
  • Use the "-" notation in Required keywords to exclude content that is using your keywords with a different meaning.
  • Use VizVantage to allow quick filtering/selection, if it's parameters would be useful.

For example, imagine you are the product marketing manager at FedEx for domestic electronics companies, and want to use BizVantage to locate and monitor relevant information. We'd suggest you define a topic of "My Competitors", using "(UPS Airborne DHL USPS) -power " as Required Keywords, and "electronic semiconductor" as Desired Keywords, so you'll only see things about your competitors, focused on the industries you care about, and avoid items related to the dual meaning of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
Another topic (say "Electronics Shipping") would cover more general issues of interest: Required of "((ship shipping delivery)"; Desired of "electronic semiconductor devices contracts".
A third topic, "Customers" might have a Required of "(Intel AMD Hitachi)" and Desired of "shipping delivery contract order".

The VizVantage visualization capability can provide a more detailed focus within a Topic, either allowing you to avoid uninteresting Items, or to prioritize which Items you review.
The interface allows you to map the attributes of the item in the first column to any of the visual attributes listed across the top. In general, we'd suggest:

  • The visual attributes are listed from those providing the most detailed/obvious breakdown to the least: Horiz(ontal) mapping is more obvious than mapping to Size. This suggests assigning those attributes you'd like to be most obvious to the first unused column.
  • There are a list of commonly useful mappings (quick -select) at the right. Clicking on them will show you what mappings they generate.
  • Note that the World Map attribute is the where the Internet source (publisher) of the item is located, rather than any location related to the content of the item itself.

You can easily make any Topic page into an RSS feed that will automatically show you updates, for use with Google Desktop or any other RSS reader. Just click on the orange RSS logo on the Topic's page, and then copy/paste the URL on the resulting page into the reader's form for reading feeds.

Next, let us guide you through setting up your initial BizVantage Topics; click on the left link to open the actual window to add your topics, and then on the right link for some detailed guidance:

Open Add Topic Window             Create Initial Topics