BizVantage Concepts

Welcome to BizVantage!

A few minutes spent on setup should repay you with the "aha!" most of our users get within their first two weeks, when they discover a new site, news item, or a site change they would have otherwise missed:

The basic concepts of BizVantage are simple:

  • You define Topics of interest to you, using keywords.
  • BizVantage automatically and repeatedly searches the Internet and news for things related to your Topics, reporting just the new things it finds as Items. We call this discovery.
  • You collect the Items you want to keep. Besides providing instant access to those Items, BizVantage uses them to learn what's most important to you, and to find new, related content.
  • You can optionally choose to monitor any collected Item (or any web page), so you will be notified if it changes.
  • BizVantage also integrates sections covering major world news (Top News) and business news (Business News).
  • BizVantage monitors various online news sources hourly, and updates both general news areas and any Topics with new Items it finds.
  • The general Net is searched every eight hours for any new Items (sites, pages, etc) - or changes in your monitored Items for each of your Topics, and these are added to the new Items list.
  • BizVantage also provides an optional visualization of your Items (VizVantage), which allows you to preview and select Items based on the attributes such as geographic location, item size, etc.

Next, some quick guidance, and your initial setup of BizVantage:

BizVantage Setup