<30 minutes to setup and install up to 20 topics

Learns your interests with use: give you more of what you care about
make it your home page, or check it once a day
rollover summaries and one-click access make it easy to add items to your collection
set up monitoring items for changes with a single click
select all items to include or delete them
two-click access to any item in your collection
visualization setup using predefined templates, or just one click per attribute you'd like to see


Business Professionals BizVantage provides you with efficient, real-time and visualized intelligence on your competitors, markets, customers, suppliers, partners, etc. - and lets you organize the information you collect for effective access.
Investors: Whether it's for you business or yourself, BizVantage lets you track and visualize data for your investments: hard news, soft news, site changes to you companies, markets, etc.
Technology: In the increasingly interrelated world, BizVantage provides an integration point that monitors ongoing technology news, finds new sources and allows focus on the issues that matter to you.
BizVantage is the next generation in business, investing and technology intelligence: personalized, real-time and visualized -- the integration point for all the information that supports your success.

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Discovery, monitoring and management: BizVantage lets you define any number of specific Topics, and then scours the news, Web and UnderWeb sources every few hours for items interest to you. You can choose to monitor any items on an ongoing basis for change, or just add them to you reference list. Any other items are removed so you're not scanning the same old stuff.
Visualizing and organizing results: BizVantage presents collected and new items in both a prioritized list format, or via a visualization tool that allows you to view items geographically, by source objectivity, political bias, etc., viewing up to 5 parameters in a single visualization.
Both formats are very efficient to use: A summary appears on rollover, and one click gets you the full content, and the ability to add it to your collection.
Smart and smarter: After you define your topics of interest, BizVantage learns what's important to you from what you collect, using that to improve it's relevance rankings in all views of your items.

Try BizVantage for 6 months - for free!